Decarbonizing Europe

The road to a cleaner continent

Many policy documents have already spelled out that Europe must become greener and cleaner. Paper is patient, after all. But now, the European Commission has set aside a substantial budget for this task. A whopping 723.8 billion euros is in the kitty that the Member States can use to combat the consequences of the corona crisis and set off on the road to a digital, green, and above all, CO₂-free Europe. Innovation Origins is following these developments closely in our new project: Decarbonizing Europe! In this series, you will read about the current state of play in each EU country and how entrepreneurs and residents can also get to work on this themselves.

What is the Recovery and Resilience Facility all about?

What does the Recovery and Resilience Facility entail?

The European Commission has made available an amount of 723.8 billion euros
to combat the consequences of the corona crisis and make Europe greener, cleaner, and future-proof. All member states have the opportunity to submit plans for disbursement from this Recovery and Resilience Facility.

Who is participating in the Recovery and Resilience Facility?

All the member states of the European Union. All member states? No, The Netherlands has not submitted plans as yet. Although, it became public knowledge at the end of January that hard work is going on behind the scenes in the Netherlands to secure some of those European billions.

What do the member states have to spend the money on?

At least 37 percent of the funding should be used for making their countries more sustainable and 20 percent for digitalization. In addition, there are also other key points:
– Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth
– Social and territorial cohesion
– Public health, economic, social, and institutional resilience
– Policy for future generations

What else is happening?

Apart from that, the EC has identified several so-called flagship areas:
Power up 
Recharge and Refuel 
Reskill and upskill

What is Innovation Origins planning to do?

Over the next few months, we will be focusing on the implementation of these plans. We will be outlining what each country is doing to reduce CO₂ emissions, and we will be reporting on innovative projects. Infographics will allow you to compare the member states’ efforts with each other.

Click here for the complete list of countries and their emissions

Read more about the plans of each country

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