Innovation Origins and its publisher, Media52 BV, are independent organisations that attach the greatest possible value to the accuracy, completeness and honesty of their reporting. Innovation Origins also wants to be transparent about how the stories are made, and how we make money. Our revenue model is unconventional, we are sponsored by companies that support our mission: spreading the story of innovation. You can see all of our partners right here.

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Innovation Origins adheres to these agreements:

  • IO does not focus on what happened yesterday but what will be relevant tomorrow; the mission of IO is to inform as many people as possible about the importance and opportunities of innovation. This is based on the conviction that the world can only move forward by continuing to innovate and improve itself.
  • IO tells the story of the people and organisations that are working on solutions for the big problems of today and tomorrow. Emphasis is placed on themes such as energy, food, health, mobility and the acquisition of knowledge.
  • IO ensures that local relevance is placed in a global context. That is why IO works with local hubs, but above that keeps an eye on the importance of the stories on a global scale.
  • IO achieves its goals with the means necessary to meet them. Central to this is the website, but events, books, newspapers, talk shows or other resources can also contribute to the primary goal. The means are subordinate to the goals.
  • each publication on Innovation Origins has been created with the greatest possible care.
  • IO employees are open before and after publication to suggestions from people who have more information than they had when they created their story. On the basis of these suggestions, careful consideration will be made to supplement or amend articles.
  • employees of IO are aware that they can never have a complete picture of a situation; for this reason, they are always looking for nuance, addition and improvement.
  • the source of a message will always be apparent. Anonymous sources will only be used if there are demonstrable reasons for anonymity (such as the safety of the person concerned or a major social consequence) – no employee can decide on anonymisation alone, but will always involve and inform the chief editor in this respect.
  • IO is made possible in part by companies and organisations that attach importance to the work we do. You can find the  complete list of financiers underneath. We are very grateful to these organisations, but none of them has any say in the content or strategic choices of IO. In an exceptional case where a specific article is sponsored in a way that is influenced by the financier, this will be mentioned under the relevant article.