A world designed for men

It is time that we stopped seeing men as the standard, both in science and practice, our columnist Eveline van Zeeland writes.

How a restart succeeds

Any entrepreneur can fail, but not everyone can start over. Columnist and fuck-up expert Bert Overlack explains how to do it.

Who “killed” the hydrogen car?

The hydrogen car was not killed by an ominous "electro-lobby," but is simply not competitive in its current form, says columnist Bernd Maier-Leppla.

Take care of the world, start with yourself!

According to a study by the World Economic Forum, nearly fifty percent of impact-driven entrepreneurs are burdened by stress. Willemijn Verloop explains why she wants to do something about it.

Every tweet is a tiny piece of research

Avid twitterer Eugène Franken is fast approaching 10,000 followers. He writes about the secret of a good tweet and wonders out loud if tweets also contribute to innovation.