A smartphone on wheels or vice-versa?

The automobile is becoming a smartphone on wheels. Bernd Maier-Leppla is convinced that former IT companies have recognized this and are increasingly venturing into the field of electric vehicles.

New is sometimes really very old

In 2022, the computer turns 200, but which high-tech companies are taking note? PG Kroeger, in his first column for Innovation Origins, calls for a little more reverence for the past.

Impose a fine on the word data-driven!

The infatuation with data in society has worn off, contends Eveline van Zeeland. The human scale must be restored and the word 'data-driven' banned.

Looking at talent differently

There have been three clear developments around education and the labor market in the past 10 years, says Yvonne van Hest: inclusiveness, life-long development, and connecting education and business.

A creator’s council, for the real creators

Every day, in small and large ways, the rights of makers are violated. Sometimes unknowingly, but often deliberately. Eveline van Zeeland proposes a way to put an end to this.

The finish line for fossil races is near

Car manufacturers will rather invest their millions in the technology of the future than in the technology of the past. That's why e-racing will ultimately replace Formula 1, Maarten Steinbuch writes.