Take care of the world, start with yourself!

According to a study by the World Economic Forum, nearly fifty percent of impact-driven entrepreneurs are burdened by stress. Willemijn Verloop explains why she wants to do something about it.

Every tweet is a tiny piece of research

Avid twitterer Eugène Franken is fast approaching 10,000 followers. He writes about the secret of a good tweet and wonders out loud if tweets also contribute to innovation.

The COVID fix is a TIGER MOM!

Try to think of covid as a newborn child that needs to be raised. Our columnist Helen Kardan thinks about and reflects on what parenting this baby should entail.

Emo design is needed now more than ever

Design can bring joy into people's lives. And that is exactly what we need in these times of doom and gloom argues Eveline van Zeeland. Therefore: Long live emo design!