Laboratories all over the world are trying to create the perfect battery (AI-generated image)
AI-generated picture of a human's lungs
Inside of an autonomous car, AI-generated image
AI-generated image of a neural network on a photonic chip.

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At Innovation Origins, we help people understand the rapidly changing world. We specialize in making your story relatable and accessible to a broader audience. Our team of skilled journalists knows how to translate technical concepts into practical language. Together we showcase the impact of your innovation on the world.


  • Based on your input
  • Illustrated with your images
  • 500 to 1000 words
  • Published on and our social media channels
  • Full rights for you to reuse and republish the story

Article with Interview

  • Based on your input and a remote interview with the CEO or other stakeholder
  • Illustrated with your images
  • 800 to 1300 words
  • Published on and our social media channels
  • Full rights for you to reuse and republish the story

Explainer Video

  • Based on your input
  • Illustrated with stock video and video you provide
  • 30 to 60 seconds long
  • Published on and our social media channels
  • Full rights for you to reuse and republish the story

Are you ready to showcase your company’s success and gain exposure to a highly receptive audience? Innovation Origins presents an exclusive opportunity to feature your brand through our products. With different products available, you can select what suits your needs. Each story is a professionally written journalistic piece highlighting your company’s achievements, innovations, and industry impact. Our expert storytellers will collaborate to ensure the articles resonate with your audience.

At Innovation Origins, we prioritize journalistic integrity and ensure that the articles are unbiased and relevant. While we have editorial control over the content, our team will work closely with you to understand your company’s unique value proposition and convey it with engagement and authenticity.



Yes, we accept commercial guest posts, but only under some conditions. Read them all here.

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It all starts with great storytelling. Our journalists know the world of high-tech innovation and can translate your mission into convincing articles.

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With Innovation Origins, we have a credible and trustworthy platform you can proudly refer all your stakeholders to. reach your audience.

Our readers are highly educated professionals working in innovation-related sectors. We leverage our extensive network and platforms to ensure maximum exposure for your story.

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A partnership with Innovation Origins brings your story to a large and relevant audience, and will get you a more significant brand awareness. You will become part of the network of partners, which includes large companies, knowledge institutions, start-ups, and governments. Use these contacts to empower your own network!

Innovation Origins is not a replacement of your own communication efforts, but an essential addition. Your communication department often looks from the inside out, while Innovation Origins turns things around. We highlight different aspects of an organization and its innovations through our fresh and journalistic perspective. Because everything blends in well, these elements positively reinforce each other.

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Together we create the best and most relevant content. Topics of the stories and possibly other productions are agreed upon. We also search together for the best sources to tell a story. One of our well-informed journalists works on the article. Then there is room for the interviewees to proofread the article for factual inaccuracies. Finally, we agree on a publication date to guarantee publicity when it suits your schedule and goals.

Innovation Origins’ website attracts an average of 550,000 unique visitors per month. Overall, we get 750,000 pageviews per month. To this is added the activity on social media. In addition, we support republication of the content, be it by our partners or any other publisher.

No, not every topic is suited for Innovation Origins. We write about technology, innovation, and startups. If you pitch a topic we think doesn’t fit, we keep the right not to publish it.

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