We are proud that we can offer everything that appears on Innovation Origins for free. We will continue to do so as long as we can because we believe in the importance of the widest possible shared story of innovation. Below is a complete list of all partners and donors who make this possible:

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Who we are:

Innovation Origins is a fast-growing international news platform from the Netherlands that has also been active in Germany, Austria and Poland since 2018. We report on the world of tomorrow – technology and innovations, inventions that change the world and also make it a little better.

We tell the relevant stories from this groundbreaking industry and introduce people, products and companies that shape tomorrow’s society. In this way, we connect the people and the innovative cities in Europe and the world.

Innovation Origins originated from the Eindhoven website E52, which started in 2015. Founders Bart Brouwers, Professor of Journalism at the University of Groningen, and Merien ten Houten, co-founder of, have years of experience in online and offline media.

With our publishing company Media52 we are also organisers of numerous awards ceremonies and events on innovative developments. Media52 is also active as a publisher of books and special publications. The editor-in-chief of Innovation Origins is Arjan Paans, a former German correspondent who has been working in the editor-in-chief of various national and regional newspapers in recent years.

What we can do for you:

We attach great importance to journalistic reliability and dedication. Especially in times of fake news, this is a particular quality characteristic of our work. Our customers also benefit from this.

We support you in your public image: with articles about your company, target-group-oriented events and sophisticated campaigns – from social media to online and print. This makes you part of our international network. Because of us, you no longer need a specialised agency in the Netherlands, England or Germany. This allows you to focus precisely on the target groups you want to reach.

We also offer the possibility to book sponsor packages at attractive conditions, so that you and your company – whether it’s a start-up, medium-sized or multinational – can benefit from our international and national activities. We can tell you how your company should be best represented in advertising. 

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