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What are Lithuania’s plans to become more sustainable?
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Lithuania has one big ambition: all electricity consumed in the country should be generated within the state by 2050. On the way to this energy autharchy, much needs to be done. Many companies are investing in solar and wind energy farms in the Baltic country, as the government is mostly financing the installation of solar panels in private houses. Lithuania is using €346 million of its €2.2 billion budget from the Recovery and Resilience Fund for this initiative. Transport and agriculture are the main drivers of emissions in the country. The former is being allocated part of the aforementioned sum – mainly for the installation of charging infrastructure – while the latter is not being covered by the Vilnius plan. Are you curious about how Lithuania is planning to decarbonize? Read more in our stories below.

How much did Lithuania emit in 2019?


Greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the EU

↓12 %

Less greenhouse gas emissions per capita than the EU average

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