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What are Slovenia’s plans to become more sustainable?
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Slovenia needs to improve the amount of renewable energy it generates. As of today, low shares of green electricity are produced in the country, with coal, nuclear, and hydropower being the major sources. If there is potential for solar, not the same can’t be said about wind power, as very few areas have the potential for windmills installations. Forests cover two-thirds of the country’s surface, while 30 percent of the whole land falls under Natura 2000 protection. Slovenia is receiving €2.5 billion through the Recovery and Resilience Facility. According to some NGOs, climate spending doesn’t match the targets set by the Commission. Conversely, the Balkan country is working on circular economy models, as it aims to be the first fully circular economy. Are you curious about how Slovenia is planning to decarbonize? Read more in our stories below.

How much did Slovenia emit in 2019?


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