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What are Czech Republic’s plans to become more sustainable?
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The heavy reliance on brown coal makes the Czech Republic one of the most polluting countries in the EU. In 2019, 11.7 tons of greenhouse gases were emitted by every single citizen of the country – making it rank the third most polluting country in the Union. Coal generates 46 percent of the electricity used in the country, and the coal industry still plays an important role in some parts of the nation. €7 billion euros is the amount Prague is receiving from the European Commission. Energy efficiency in buildings and green energy infrastructure are some of the main projects Czechia plans to use this money for, in an effort to foster its green transition. Are you curious about how the Czech Republic is planning to decarbonize? Read more in our stories below.

How much did the Czech Republic emit in 2019?


Greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the EU


More greenhouse gas emissions per capita than the EU average

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