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What are Poland’s plans to become more sustainable?
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The green transition seems to be a long way off for Poland. In 2021, about three-quarters of power came from coal-powered plants. The country is indeed home to the top polluter in the EU in 2020 – the Belchatów energy plant. Energy consumption revolves around fossil fuels too, with oil and gas adding up to coal. Renewable energy sources still play a minor role in powering Poland. Warsaw is receiving €35.4 billion for its Recovery and Resilience Plan – €23.9 billion in grants and €11.5 billion in loans. As part of the plan, investments in offshore wind farms aim at decreasing the reliance on coal, while reducing the country’s carbon footprint. Poland also ranks sixth worldwide per energy intensity of its economy. Are you curious about how Poland is planning to decarbonize? Read more in our stories below.

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