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What are Spain’s plans to become more sustainable?
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The corona pandemic hit Spain hardest. As a matter of fact, the country suffered its sharpest downturn ever – its economy shrank by 11 percent. Therefore, its plan is ambitious and aims to boost the economy, transitioning to a greener Spain. About half of its budget – €69.5 billion in subsidies – are for climate goals. Many areas of the country are risking lack of water, desertification, and loss of coastline – just to name a few of the scenarios Spain could face in the near future. Furthermore, Madrid plans to be climate neutral by 2050. Are you curious about how Spain is planning to decarbonize? Read more in our stories below.f new charging stations. Are you curious about how Cyprus is planning to decarbonize? Read more in our stories below.

How much did Spain emit in 2019?


Greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the EU


Less greenhouse gas emissions per capita than the EU average

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