Africans come up with set of proposals for Eindhoven

The opportunity to create small and medium enterprises, suggestions on how to maintain security, maintenance of city parks and open spaces, including play areas, street cleansing, environmental...

Progress has a price: It’s 10.3 billion

The Eindhoven Brainport region needs 10.3 billion to remain a leading region in the Netherlands. In order to continue to advance as a key region both nationally and internationally, the Eindhoven Brainport region will need 10.3 billion euro during the next government term....

Permission to build for Brainport Industries Campus

The construction of the Brainport Industries Campus in the north west of Eindhoven has been given permission. The Council of State gave a positive ruling on the zoning plan (Cluster 1), on 28...

“Anything is possible in the new VDMA”

The VDMA premises is ready to be used. After the recent renovation, the buildings are now windproof and watertight, and meet all safety requirements. The council will soon send in a field manager...

Higher demand for business centres

Eindhoven is facing an increasing demand for business centres, both for mainstream businesses and start-ups. That’s what the Mayor and the councillors are writing in response to the...

OPINION: Ice rink debate is a blessing in disguise

What a fuss: from the day that Councillor Van Kaathoven presented her sports vision (with an emphasis on urban sports among other things, remember?), it’s all been about one thing: the proposed closure of the ice rink. The fact that Van Kaathoven presented it as an option...


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