The opportunity to create small and medium enterprises, suggestions on how to maintain security, maintenance of city parks and open spaces, including play areas, street cleansing, environmental enforcement and cultural activities: these are some of the proposals that came from a meeting of residents with an African descent. They met last weekend at the Hub for Expats and came up with a number of suggestions to help policymakers when making political decisions in Eindhoven.

The Project Roots and Joint Future was organized by CCOLA and IDEA, as a four-year project to culminate The Decade for People of African Descent.

For Africans in Eindhoven, the proposals could serve as a baseline to assess the changes in the community over the next four years. It can also be used as a framework for cooperation among African organizations, local, public and private institutions, and other local communities.

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    D66 representative, Mpanzu Bamenga said that “the Eindhoven City council is responding positively to the opportunities and challenges arising from the city’s rapid growth; it continues to provide a high-quality service to the inhabitants.”

    According to the participants, the suggestions are to ensure that the Eindhoven City Council is “even more responsive to African residents’ needs, like the opportunity to create small and medium enterprises especially at a time when the city is expanding and demand for services is growing”.

    Participants hope that city’s new councilors will discuss the suggestions after Wednesday’s local elections.

    Photo: Facebook CCOLA

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