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For years the city has been talking about a city center that is more vibrant and attractive than it is now. But since last month, we finally have the proposal for the City Council called “Inner City Vision”. E52 has offered the Dutch readers a series of 12 articles on this document. The last part of the series, this one, is available in English as well. In it, we take a closer look at the next steps and goals for 2025.

Read all the episodes (in Dutch) of this series here


binnenstad 1A vision for 2025, a program for 2020 and a work plan for 2017. Lots of visions and documents for the City Council to debate about, next September. But even with all the visions, programs and plans that you can think of, there will still be a lot of improvising. Especially because this is Eindhoven: “Creativity is in our DNA for a reason. Experiments, events and surprises will occur throughout each year. No stuffed agenda fits this city”, the document states.

Twice a year, the city will take a close look at the achievements, together with “a broad representation of downtown partners”. Eventually, in 2025, Eindhoven wants to have achieved the following:

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  • At least 10% of our current horizontal and vertical space in the downtown transformed from gray to green,
  • The overall population of the inner city has at least doubled (from 6,000 to 12,000 inhabitants) and the proportion of international population has increased by 25%,
  • At least 500 qualitative cultural or experimental interventions will have occurred,
  • Research among residents of Eindhoven will tell that 80% of respondents are satisfied with the quality of life in the inner city,
  • We achieved a 50% increase in the number of visitors on foot, by bicycle or by public transport coming to the city center,
  • We have realized at least 1,000 additional jobs in the station area
    There will be 6 recognizable, dynamic and energetic districts within the inner city – each with its own feeling.
  • A minimum of 10 successful internationally leading Smart Society Living Labs have been achieved,
  • The overall vacancy rate in the city reduced to a maximum of 5%