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The construction of the Brainport Industries Campus in the north west of Eindhoven has been given permission. The Council of State gave a positive ruling on the zoning plan (Cluster 1), on 28 September, 2016. For the participating parties, this is an important milestone in the realisation of this innovative new campus. In a statement, the municipality of Eindhoven said that the development is of great strategic importance for the manufacturing industry and vital for regional employment.

Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) will become the home for the international high-tech manufacturing industry. The first cluster will be developed by VolkerWessels subsidiary SDK Vastgoed. Leading high-tech and aerospace equipment manufacturer, KMWE, has already expressed interest in being the first company to locate at the Campus in 2017.


Eindhoven City Councillor Staf Depla comments: “The way in which the Brainport Industries Campus will bring together high-tech manufacturers in the green setting of Brainport Park, isn’t found anywhere else in Europe. In fact, the whole high-tech supply chain – from small start- ups to large multinationals – will be brought together in one location as one big ‘factory of the future’. That’s also good news for employment.” BIC’s unique structure means fewer boundaries between companies, and that makes new models of co-operation possible. The ambition is that the campus will become an international showcase, which reinforces the strength of the supply chain in the region.


The government, the province, the region and the municipality of Eindhoven all believe that the development of BIC is vital to maintain the international economic success of the Brainport Region Eindhoven, and to strengthen it in the future. In addition, it is also important for the international competitiveness of the Netherlands. To achieve this, it is essential to bring together all the parties that make up the high-tech manufacturing supply industry in one location and the business community has taken the lead to make the campus a reality.


The Brainport Industries Campus is located close to Eindhoven Airport, the A2/N2 motorway and the Beatrix Canal. The total area of the site is 200 hectares, and five large buildings will be constructed on one third of it. Each building will feature shared facilities and can be adjusted to accommodate the changing requirements of its users. A glass atrium will run through each building, with catering facilities and areas for education and projects. The remaining area of the site will provide a green environment, which will link up with the woodland area of new city park – Brainport Park, with walking and bike paths, meadows and gardens.