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In our Sunday newsletter, we editors reflect on the past seven days. We do this on the initiative of our cartoonist Albert Jan Rasker. He chooses a subject, draws a picture, and we take it from there.

Today, we discuss AI (obviously), Laio’s latest moves, and our own brand. We end by asking you to fill out a little questionnaire: your answers can help us improve Innovation Origins.

Ok, AI. By now, some people are fed up with the topic, while others can’t get enough of it. Be that as it may, today we are going to update again you on that all-important technology. We asked three experts – Fieke van Boxmeer, Albert van Breemen, and Harm Bodewes – for their views on the developments in the manufacturing industry – and how they transfer their knowledge to the people who need it. For Albert Jan Rasker, it was a great opportunity for a cartoonish look into their classrooms.


But there was also AI news from our own ranks. Earlier, we told you about our editorial AI assistant, called Laio. Our own editorial staff has been working with Laio for over a year now. In recent weeks, we took the plunge and cautiously offered our product in a few variants on the market as well. And we succeeded! With some pride, we were able to report that Laio got its first paying customer (šŸ¾). Read more about it here (Dutch). Or go directly to the product info in English.

That first customer has since gained a few followers; it seems that this is no one-hit wonder. We are also confirmed in that observation by the many publications focusing on our initiative recently. With, as a provisional highlight, the way NRC called us “quietly in the background, this is the real game-changer for journalism.” Wow!

Of course, cautious success for Laio is also good news for Innovation Origins: Laio is part of the same company, and clients for Laio mean more opportunities for us to improve Innovation Origins journalism further.

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