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Each week, in our Sunday newsletter, we look back on the past seven days. Regarding content, we always do so at the initiative of our cartoonist, Albert Jan Rasker. He chooses a subject, draws a picture, and we take it from there.

This week, a cyber security story caught Albert Jan’s eye. In the “Cracked by Jordens” series, we look at the cyber security of consumers and businesses in the Netherlands. This time, it’s about online criminals’ cracking tools. But while Albert Jan concentrated on brute force and ransomware as a service (true story!), we were mainly occupied by our tenth Gerard & Anton Awards ceremony.

🙌 With more than 300 visitors, the presentation of the 10th Gerard & Anton Awards was an event like never before.

🍾 During the show, we looked back at 100 winners and hoisted the ten most recent on the High Tech Campus stage!

🥳 In this newsletter we offer you ample opportunity to reenjoy

First things first, the new winners. In this review by Innovation Origins, you can read the jury reports (including all the arguments that led to their selection) and see the photos from the awards ceremony. But first, the list:

  • Vitalfluid
  • Upyther
  • Sirius medical
  • TracXon
  • Senergetics
  • Veridis
  • Sandgrain
  • Dembrane
  • Whispp
  • SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions

And finally, Starnus won the Golden Lightbulb (Het Gouden Peertje).

Links to all winners’ websites in this article.


This video gives you a first impression of the atmosphere during the event.

The whole celebration was recorded, so if you understand Dutch, this is the Youtube Playlist to go to.

In another video, we explained the way the awards were produced:

Obviously, each G&A winner also gets the exposure they deserve. On Innovation Origins, you will find a portrait of a winner every day for ten days. So, if you want to know exactly why they were on stage, read those interviews. The first four have already appeared in recent days:

G&A winner VitalFluid protects crops with lightning

G&A winner Sirius Medical aims to help millions of cancer patients with a magnetic seed

G&A winner UPyTher aims to make peritoneal cancer treatable with a chemogel

G&A winner SCIL-Nano: ‘We enable mass production of nanostructures’

Also, read the other stories about the awards:

After project Beethoven’s andante, it was time for the allegro of the ten new Gerard & Anton Award winners

Ten years of Gerard & Anton Awards: 100 winners who make the world a whole lot nicer

The Brainport ecosystem paved the way for each Gerard & Anton winner

All the winners in one picture!

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Well, enough on Gerard & Anton, here’s what else caught our eye this week:

You can read the rest of the articles we wrote last week here. Have a great weekend!