Technology and how it affects society

Everything ARS Electronica, is the slogan in Linz from September 5 to 9, 2019. Linz is set to play host to Europe’s largest festival for art, technology and society with its thousand...

Five magical medical channels on YouTube

Innovation is taking place in all kinds of sectors, some of which affect more people than others. Yet no one can avoid this sector as we all have a body that should ideally be kept in tip-top...

Making Virtual Reality more User-friendly

Whether virtual reality or VR work for the user must be tested. This often requires complex laboratory tests. But recently, the Göttingen computer scientist Dr. Patrick Harms presented a program...

Bringing tech to the farm

Technology is helping farmers feed the world. It can also make agriculture more environmentally friendly – for conventional and organic farmers alike By Kelly Oakes, the Technologist Replacing...

The artificial snow cloud

VIENNA, 17 December 2018 – The artificial snow cloud is a unique process for producing natural snow. The name says it all: The method is based on the simulation of the physical parameters of a...

Focus on talent attraction during Dutch Technology Week

The 7th Edition of Dutch Technology Week will start next Monday. This year, the focus will be on talent in the broadest sense of the word. For the seventh year in a row, more than 150 high-tech companies, knowledge institutes, and talents are showing the latest trends and...

E52 is popular in New York City as well ;-)

The Smart City Congress in New York brings together experts from all over the world for a week of debates, lectures and excursions. And, of course, the Netherlands is part of it with a large...

150 girls doing research at Philips: Girls Day

Although the growth is undeniable, girls in secondary education generally do not yet sufficiently opt for a technical subject cluster. There has also been little increase in the number of students...

CBS: Technical education more popular among girls

It is a matter of the long haul before the tech companies in the region will really benefit from it, but according to CBS the trend has really started: girls at HAVO, VWO and MBO choose a technical...

Student team STORM now a company

Two years ago, the STORM students drove around the world in 80 days, putting electric motorcycling on the map. Now they are bringing their technology to the market. First of all in Kenya. Bas...

Dutch Technology Week focuses on separate events

More attention to the big sub-events like Night of the Nerds, Quiz Night XL and High Tech Exploration Route and less on the higher-level DTW brand. The Dutch Technology Week is shifting the focus in...

First 30 EIT Digital data scientists graduated

The EIT Digital Master School Data Science programme launched two years ago, has delivered its first thirty data scientists. “These graduates are not just data scientists, they are technical...

Additive Industries launches 4th Design Challenge

Additive Industries launches its 4th edition of Additive World Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge. Students and professionals are invited to (re)design products dedicated for 3D metal...


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