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Do you also find January the toughest time of the year? At least we’re over and done with it now. So we can get on with our latest Start-up of the Month competition. Each workday Innovation Origins selects a European Start-up of the Day and each week we choose a weekly winner. At the beginning of each new month, readers can decide who gets to be crowned Start-up of the Month. And later this year (drum roll) … … But that will take a while.

The January nominees come from The Netherlands and Belarus. Come on, the rest of Europe, sign up via our form and who knows, the editors may choose you! And don’t forget to vote for your favourite start-up of the past month. It’s your choice. You can click on the links underneath the poll to read about each start-up. You have until Friday to vote!

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Week 1: Carpooling has more appeal thanks to Toogethr

Week 2: OneSoil – a free AI-powered platform for precision farming

Week 3: Hydraloop, a nice long shower!

Week 4: Convert your old diesel into a hybrid

Week 5: Toy train turns programming into child’s play