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The Gerard & Anton Awards, the annual election of the ten most promising start-ups in the Brainport Eindhoven region, came to its ninth edition. Besides that, we also work hard to expand this community. In addition to the awards ceremony, we are creating a start-up community supported by the Brainport region. We can’t say goodbye to 2023 without highlighting this year’s winners one last time.


Want your brain to enter a flow state? AlphaBeats got you covered. This start-up trains your ….brain to control alpha wave states, the brainwaves associated with meditative states, moments of flow, and deep focus. 


ANTENNEX found a way to measure the next-generation antennas that couldn’t be measured before. The company spun off from the Eindhoven University of Technology as more requests for their measurements came. 


Devices are becoming more powerful; their components are smaller and more complex. How do you still get the electronic connections for that manufactured reliably – and preferably not too expensive? Well, with Impulse Printing. And let that be Fonontech’s specialty. As components get smaller, Fonontech aims to push that limit further. 

Gilbert Technologies 

Gilbert Technologies designs and develops medical devices to improve health care, offering a better quality of life. They have developed an intelligent inhaler for patients with asthma or other lung diseases that sprays drugs with higher precision, improving patients’ outcomes and relieving pressure from the healthcare system. 

GrAI Matter Labs

GrAI Matter Labs is at the heart of the hot stuff happening right now. Artificial Intelligence, but with its specific edge. “Life-Ready AI” is what the company calls it. What is that? They deliver brain-inspired chips that behave like humans do. AI that makes devices assist humans to act and react in real-time.

Integer Technologies

Integer Technologies is trying to push the adoption of sustainable energy installations by offering a smart and sustainable alternative to expensive installations. Through their technology, residents of their CASA 1.0 project enjoy heating, cooling, and hot tap water for as low as €15 per month. 


Measuring how ripe a tomato is, checking if the milk inside a carton package is still good, or if a medication composition is still good: these and many more objects can be measured with Mantispectra’s chip. Their tiny chip is indeed made for assessing material properties and might soon be embedded in your smartphone.


Starting with the idea to perform some consulting around using AI for companies, the concept quickly evolved into providing the AI itself. Neople developed an AI-driven colleague who can help company staff work harmoniously with the team, just as any other good colleague would. 

Tibo Energy

Manage network congestion, manage contract limits, reduce CO2 emissions, and reduce energy costs: Tibo Energy’s goals are as clear as they are desirable. By deploying software and storage infrastructures strategically and smartly, the start-up thinks a solution to grid congestion can be found. 


VivArt-X aims to disrupt reconstructive breast surgery in women who have undergone breast tissue removal after a breast cancer diagnosis. How does it plan to do so? By developing synthetic support material for cell therapies. With half of the 2.3 million breast cancer patients worldwide needing removal, VivArt-X aims to offer women cutting-edge regenerative medicine. 


In addition to ten companies, there is a special award – the Golden Lightbulb, or Het Gouden Peertje in Dutch – for the most promising student start-up. This year, PAKT bagged the prize with their innovative circular return system for glass packaging. 

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