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Alphabeats, having won the CES Innovation Award and a Gerard & Anton Award, is expanding into the US market, backed by seasoned Spotify executives and significant seed funding. The start-up introduces a revolutionary EEG headband to enhance athletic performance through music-induced flow states. Their technology, which monitors alpha brain waves, aims to push the boundaries of mental training in sports, focusing on holistic wellness. Alphabeats, based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, gears up in the U.S. to support elite athletes, claiming pre-orders already on the rise.

Neurofeedback training, a form of biofeedback therapy that uses real-time displays of brain activity, is at the heart of the Alphabeats experience. With the wellness industry burgeoning, Alphabeats is charting a course for success in the US. The company’s innovative EEG headband, which uses music to induce a flow state, garners attention for its potential to enhance athletic performance. Aiming to fill a niche in mental training for sports, Alphabeats has already captured the industry’s imagination, as evidenced by its CES Innovation Award in 2023.

CEO Han Dirkx’s recent announcement underscores the strategic importance of the company’s US expansion. By appointing former Spotify executives Jorrit DeVries and Jen McGinnis, Alphabeats is poised to navigate the American wellness and performance training market.

Scientifically-backed training methods

Alphabeats’ core technology revolves around training the brain to control alpha wave states. These states are associated with deep focus, meditative states, and moments of flow – all crucial for high-level athletic performance. By wearing the BrainBit EEG headband for sessions lasting 10 to 30 minutes, users can receive real-time information on their alpha brain wave activity.

Scientific research suggests alpha wave states can heighten attention and enable faster communication between mind and body, thus improving reaction times. Alphabeats leverages these insights to offer a product that combats stress, improves sleep, and enhances cognitive functions such as focus and decision-making on the field.

Preparing for major sporting events

Alphabeats targets elite athletes to help them gain a competitive edge. Dirkx’s commentary on the gap in mental training within the US approach to wellness highlights an opportunity for Alphabeats to make a significant impact. The company’s focus on mental strain and chronic stress in competitive sports places it at the forefront of a holistic approach to athlete wellness.

Although designed with professional athletes in mind, Alphabeats’ appeal extends beyond competitive sports. The system’s portability and ease of use make it accessible to anyone interested in optimizing their performance and recovery.

LUMO Labs and DeepTechXL

Partnerships have been central to Alphabeats’ growth strategy. Collaborations with LUMO Labs and DeepTechXL, both based in Eindhoven, have provided the startup with a robust support system for its US market entry. These relationships not only offer financial backing but also open doors to invaluable networks and expertise. “We closed a next round with our partners (we call them friends) DeepTechXL and LUMO Labs”, Dirkx says on Linkedin, not disclosing the amounts involved.