DistrictHive in Gorafe, Granada. © Dani Guindo

A new tourism concept: Pioneering project DistrictHive is a sustainable and self-sufficient capsule hotel controlled
by Artificial Intelligence (AI) where everything works through an app. Guests control everything from the opening of doors, to lighting, sound or even the interior scent with their smartphones. Automation and the use of new technologies is one of the main features of this pioneering project located in the Gorafe desert (Granada, Spain).

This capsule hotel, also called podtel uses estate-of-the-art technology where two factors converge: Artificial Intelligence and the control of all its systems through a mobile app. It has been launched by Portugal based DistrictHive LDA, and Infowijs, a Dutch company responsible for the software development.

“The development process was a great adventure. We were aiming high and we set ourselves ambitious goals,” says Tobias de Graaf, co-founder of Infowijs, who also acknowledges that the maxim “everything controlled by an app” was a mantra that generated high expectations in the team.

Control temperature and sound by app

DistrictHive’s mobile application (available in iOS and Android versions) allows guests to control all the devices and functionalities of the capsule hotel, such as door opening, temperature, interior scent, lighting, sound or the
purchase of food and beverages on demand. In addition, this app provides information on the podtel’s energy levels, bearing in mind that sustainability and self-sufficiency are other key premises of this pioneering project.

Predicting shutdown times

The Artificial Intelligence, “Hivemind”, which controls the capsule has been built on a proprietary system and motherboard that monitors all systems and energy consumption collected through solar panels installed on the roof. This system is able to predict shutdown times in case of energy overconsumption. In this way, it helps in the management of the podtel’s recharging periods so that it is 100% operational, being able to leave days
between bookings if necessary.
“We are really pleased with the result. I personally have not yet been able to stay at DistrictHive, but I can’t wait to travel there to enjoy it first hand,” concludes de Graaf.

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