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A revolutionary hybrid power system has been announced by Spanish startup Soleolico. The system is the world’s first wind turbine to incorporate photovoltaic (PV) panels in its blades. The integration of ultra-light solar panels from wind turbines happens by utilizing a patented magnetic system that maximizes energy extraction. Notably, the system also features a CO2 absorption capability and it is suitable for distributed generation, transmission lines, and large-scale applications.

  • Soleolico’s hybrid wind-solar system integrates solar panels into turbine blades and optimizes energy extraction. 
  • The system generates 24/7 energy, absorbs CO2, and outperforms traditional wind turbines.
  • With versatility for various applications, Soleolico provides comprehensive renewable energy solutions. 

How it works

Unveiled after a decade of research and an investment exceeding €5 million, Soleolico’s revolutionary wind-PV system represents a significant advancement in renewable energy technology. It integrates ultra-light solar panels from Spanish manufacturer Izpitek into its wind turbine blades, or “sails” in Soleolico’s terminology. These sails are oriented to the wind using a patented magnetic system, optimizing energy extraction and making it the world’s first of its kind.

The system is also uniquely coated with a technology that absorbs CO2, cleaning the air we breathe while generating green energy 24 hours a day. This innovative feature and the system’s wind capacity, which boasts performance up to 25 percent higher than current wind turbines, sets Soleolico’s technology apart in the renewable energy landscape.

Comparison with other distributed-generation systems

When compared to other similar distributed-generation wind-PV systems on the market, Soleolico’s system is more profitable with a similar investment. This is largely due to its superior wind capacity. Moreover, when Soleolico units are installed alongside each other, the feedback effect can increase efficiency by approximately 15 percent.

Another distinctive feature of Soleolico’s system is its adaptability. It’s an optimal and versatile hybrid generation solution, suitable for both self-consumption and distributed generation or in generation parks with grid injection. This positions Soleolico as a strong contender in the renewable energy sector, offering a comprehensive solution that caters to various energy needs.

Revolutionizing various industries

Soleolico’s distributed-generation wind-PV system is poised to revolutionize various industries thanks to its unique features and capabilities. From urban renewal and sustainable development to agricultural empowerment, industrial energy independence, transportation solutions, and off-grid solutions for remote areas, Soleolico’s technology is changing how we harness green energy.

In urban areas, Soleolico’s compact design and reduced infrastructure requirements allow for easy integration into urban landscapes, making it an ideal solution for cities seeking sustainable development. Meanwhile, in the agricultural sector, Soleolico enables farmers and rural communities to produce localized green energy, eliminating the need for extensive infrastructure like substations.

Impacting industrial and transportation sectors

Industries, too, stand to gain from Soleolico’s technology. By integrating Soleolico systems into their operations, factories and manufacturing facilities can achieve energy independence, reduce their carbon footprint, and lower operating costs. The system’s integration of solar panels into its wings optimizes energy production, making it an ideal solution for powering industrial processes and operations.

In the transportation sector, Soleolico’s unique features provide renewable energy solutions. Its adaptability allows integration into transportation hubs like train stations and parking lots, providing clean energy for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. With its silent operation and low-speed rotation, Soleolico poses no threat to human safety or wildlife, making it an environmentally friendly option for sustainable transportation initiatives.

Soleolico: a game-changer for remote areas

In remote areas with limited access to the grid, Soleolico offers a lifeline for communities seeking reliable and clean energy sources. Its configurability allows installation in off-grid locations, providing electricity for lighting, communication systems, and essential services. With Soleolico’s ability to store energy in an integrated high-capacity battery, communities can have a continuous power supply, even during low wind or sunlight periods.

This level of versatility, environmental impact reduction, and air purification properties make Soleolico a game-changer in sustainability. As the world’s “first technological tree”, Soleolico merges the power of science and nature, demonstrating that renewable energy and environmental preservation coexist harmoniously.