Signify is installing smart street lighting in the German municipality of Eichenzell. The project, called BrightSites, provides high-speed, wireless connectivity through connected street lights. This allows the municipality to capitalize on applications within the Internet of Things and increases 5G density. Signify reports this in a press release.

Street lighting

The street lighting consists of LED lights managed by the Interact City system. This system allows the municipality to continuously monitor and manage all lights from a single dashboard. It can also be integrated into the municipality’s IT systems and apps for residents.

The streetlights have Philips Outdoor Multisensors, which adjust light levels based on motion detection. The lights can work together, giving pedestrians, cyclists or cars more light when needed. This leads to better traffic safety at night and reduces energy consumption. This saves the municipality money and reduces CO2 emissions at the same time.

Fiber optic connections are no longer necessary with BrightSites, saving time and costs. As a result, street lighting becomes a platform for smart city services. Among other things, traffic management, safety monitoring and smog monitoring become possible. As the lights connect to each other, 5G can be delivered at a lower cost.

Smart City

Eichenzell was selected by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community as a model municipality in the “Smart City” project in 2020. Mayor Johannes Rothmund said the city relies on future-proof innovations as a Smart City model project. Signify is closely involved in Smart City projects in Germany.

This project is Signify’s first application in Germany and Eichenzell’s first introduction to BrightSites. Rada Rodriguez, Signify’s DACH Market Leader, says, “With more than 1,700 light points in the municipality, there is potential to deliver superfast wireless connectivity in large parts of the city.

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