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Starting your own business is a grand accomplishment, and it’s something that brings with it a heavyweight of responsibility, especially once your staff is growing. That being said, it really isn’t something that should intimidate you because if you have the knowledge, you can create the perfect working environment for the employees. If this is not really your forte and needs a bit of guidance towards getting this right, we’ve created a simple list that will help you provide an amazing and productive atmosphere within your workspace.

The Design of the Space Matters

As you work on the design of the workspace, it’s important that you keep into consideration a few factors to ensure that the final result is something that is conducive to productivity. You need to make sure that there is sufficient spacing between each workspace – this is important considering the pandemic precautions, and also for the employees not to feel trapped or claustrophobic. Higher ceilings are a plus and plenty of sunlight will go a long way in helping to keep the mood positive. Dedicate a space where they can unwind and have coffee and snacks. Put beanbags and ping pong tables for instance – a spot where they can go to unwind during their breaks. 

Get the Right Furniture

The most common complaint of working for long hours is horrid back conditions that develop at the workplace. If you want staff that is focused and not distracted, then go the extra mile to make sure that they have the proper furniture to help their posture. You can look into ergonomic chairs for everyone, and also think about having a few standing desks because these have been found to be really effective for people with back pains. Encourage everyone to get up every 20 mins and take a walk around the office to keep their limbs from stiffening up. 

Show Them you Care with Benefits

A happy employee is always a more productive employee. And the best way to keep the people that work for you happy is to let them know that they have the benefits they need to help them feel more secure in their jobs. When it comes to understanding employee benefits, you’ll want to invest in decent software that will help you organize these benefits to see that everything is kept on record and done fairly. Look into offering them health insurance and a retirement plan, amongst other benefits according to what you can afford at the time. Make sure that they know that you will continue to take care of them as long as you are growing and able. 

Create a Communicative Atmosphere

Yes, you want people to be focused on what they’re doing to get the job done, but you need to understand that fostering a culture that promotes communication is the healthiest way to run a business. Make it a point to have a meeting every week where you catch up with each department and present a platform where your staff is encouraged to bounce ideas around. This will benefit you greatly – you have a company full of bright minds, and it would not be wise to not make the most of their intelligence, perspective, and ideas. 

Be Stern with Health & Safety Precautions

People are not that eager to come into the office because of the pandemic, and this is why it should be at the top of your list to give them peace of mind by ensuring that you are strict and stern about safety precautions in the workplace. Implement the rules and don’t ever go slack on them, because you want to make this a habit from the get-go. Everyone needs to wear a mask or a shield, follow social distancing rules, and every desk needs to have its own sanitizer. By no means should people be sharing office equipment, and ensure that ventilation is always taken care of. 

The essence of a productive and positive workplace culture lies in how you set it up as their boss. All the elements mentioned here play a role in bringing together the complete picture of the ideal office atmosphere that is bound to motivate everyone to actually want to come to work and put their best efforts forward. If you go the extra mile for them and make them realize that you do care about their well-being, they’ll do the same for the company and become loyal employees for the long haul. So when it comes to designing your office, you need to make sure that you think about every single detail, because in the grand scheme of things, it will matter a great deal.