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In our Sunday newsletter, we, as editors, reflect on the past seven days. We do this on the initiative of our cartoonist Albert Jan Rasker. He chooses a subject, draws a picture, and we take it from there.

There has been a lot of talk about aviation in recent years. Should we continue to fly unlimitedly to do business and see the world for vacations? Or should we fly less to reduce the damage to people’s health and the impact on the climate? We are faced with different interests and an endless stream of correct and incorrect information via the internet. Polarization is lurking. The Netherlands Aerospace Center (NLR) plays an essential role in gathering reliable information and turning knowledge into value.

And how exactly they fulfill that role, we show in a unique series of articles about the NLR, for which we speak to all the key players within that organization. Last week’s article by Linda Bak is an excellent example of how the NLR deals with the hot topics of our time. For our cartoonist Albert Jan Rasker, it was the topic of the week for a reason.

Here you can read what else caught our eye this week:

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