The VivArt-X team
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VivArt-X is developing a biodegradable biomaterial to regenerate tissue, with which the company can help patients with breast cancer better survive the transplanted fat.

About half of the 2.3 million breast cancer patients worldwide must have cancerous tissue removed and have reconstructive breast surgery. Their results are often far from optimal. VivArt-X aims to revolutionize reconstructive breast surgery for women who have had breast tissue removed after being diagnosed with breast cancer. In this development, the €660.000 funding is indispensable.

Other applications

This medical device allows breast tissue to recover in a healthy manner. The primary focus is on breast tissue regeneration, but many other applications should eventually emerge. VivArt-X won the Anton Gerard Award and the ESDP European Innovation Award this year. In addition, the company was a finalist for the Brabant40.

“We are incredibly grateful for the support and trust of our investors and partners. With this valuable support, our team has the opportunity to accelerate our research and significantly contribute to addressing critical issues within women’s health,” said Dan Jing Wu, CEO and founder VivArt-X.

“VivArt-X addresses an important medical need: improving reconstructive surgery in breast cancer. VivArt-X’s smart biomaterials increase the effectiveness of fat grafting, improving breast recovery and reducing the need for reconstruction surgery. This investment supports VivArt-X in this important goal and strengthens the Brabant ecosystem around Biomaterials,” said Paul Vernooij, investment manager of BOM.