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The ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (I&M) invites national and foreign companies to join the real live experiments on smart mobility. Eindhoven and Helmond are the central places for smart mobility research, development of applications and the execution of the experiments. The University of Technology alone has 250 PhD’s doing research on mobility and the Automotive Campus in Helmond has its Innovation Centre to perform all the experiments.

This week, at the ITS World Congress in Melbourne, the Dutch invitation will be heard, for example through this video:


Evelien Brascamp of the Innovatiecentrale hopes the video will lead to more awareness of the need for smarter mobility. “The Dutch roads are overloaded and traffic congestion is increasing. In collaboration we are searching for solutions to improve traffic flow, reduce the number of traffic accidents and reduce emission of CO2. The Netherlands has always been the country with smart solutions. We are used to take leading position and change the world. And we are doing it again, this time in the field of mobility: we are thé country to test Smart Mobility solutions in real life setting. The Netherlands is frontrunner in Smart Mobility.”

Brascamp is aiming to globally share the Dutch knowledge and experience with Smart Mobility. “And we invite companies from all over the world to use our unique testing facilities. After all, mobility is a cross-border matter.”