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Technicians Wolfgang Berger and Nikolaus Mayerhofer were both in the automotive industry when they decided to develop an independent battery test for so-called traction batteries in electric vehicles. It all started in the evenings and on weekends and eventually grew into a garage business, simply because a lot of research work had to be done on the vehicle. When the forty-somethings received their first grant, they left their jobs behind and had a marketable solution after just three years.

On-board diagnostics

The battery test basically consists of hardware electronics. It is a box that connects to the so-called OBD (on-board diagnostic) interface of the vehicle, where it records battery data and transmits it to the Battery Data Cloud platform. This can be up to one million data points per hour for each test performed. The founders evaluated this data using algorithms that determine the battery’s state of health. Finally, the customer receives the test report in the form of an official certificate from the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV).