Mathematicians use AI to prove new theorems

For the first time, mathematicians have partnered with artificial intelligence to suggest and prove new mathematical theorems. The work was done in a collaboration between […]

Using IT to stabilize supply chains

Global supply chains comprise complex networks, making them particularly vulnerable. The UK is a prime example of this, where logistics problems are currently resulting in […]

A battery for cars made from old car batteries

Swedish company Northvolt wants to extract metals from car batteries and make new ones from them. In the coming months, the company will run tests to see if it meets the requirements of a new battery.

No need for herbicides to remove weeds

Fraunhofer researchers have collaborated with partners to develop a platform to remove weeds fully automatically. The mobile AMU-Bot robot system navigates using optical sensors and […]

Finally driving the Apple Car

The reports about the Apple, Rivian, and Sono Motors car fit the picture that the automotive sector is going through a major transition, Maarten Steinbuch writes.

Swedish funding for innovative materials

The Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse (KAW) is investing over SEK 3 billion in materials research with the aim of enabling a more sustainable society. […]

T-Guard can reset immune system

For 20 years, Nijmegen-based Xenikos has been working on a drug that can reset the immune system. It is now make or break for their drug T-Guard.

Scaling down laser nanoprinters

Researchers of the Cluster of Excellence 3D Matter Mode to Order Show How 3-dimensional Nanostructures Can Be Printed Using Compact Desktop Devices – Publication in […]

A smart bandage is the future of fighting infections

Technion scientists develop self-healing, antibacterial polymer as safer alternative to traditional post-surgical sutures. The smart bandage can dispense antibiotic, monitor wound-healing biomarkers and report important […]