Brainport Industries Campus

Best read: doing puzzles with the king

Did you see it? How King Willem-Alexander was as happy as a kid when he finally managed to get the coin into the right spot. With two thumbs up and a grin from ear to ear, the king almost made a...

Philips spin-off Anteryon sold to Chinese company

Former Philips company Anteryon, which develops lenses, lasers and other optical systems, has been acquired by Chinese Jingfang Optotelectronics (WLOPT). Jingfang Optotelectronics of Suzhou...

Hien Kieu, from refugee to Red Dot Award

Hien Kieu hasn’ t taken off his coat yet and his work is already on the table: a large folder with sketches and designs. Enthusiastically he flips through the folder and shows what is...

How Anteryon makes the invisible visible

It doesn’t ring a bell to most people when they hear the name Anteryon, but CDs are known to everyone. Anteryon, then still part of Philips, made millions of lenses a year for CD players from...

[BRAINPORT COLUMN] The new gold is in the cloud

‘Precisely because things are going so well in Brainport Eindhoven, it is important to link the power of today to the challenges of tomorrow’. Arnold Stokking, Managing Director Industry...


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