Productivity has been the focus in Dutch agriculture for many decades. However, at present, other aspects of food production have received increasingly more attention. One of the aspects that have been scrutinized is the length of the current supply chains for which the platform, Pommeron, seeks to find a solution. Pommeron is an initiative that facilitates shorter chains in the agricultural sector of Limburg. The founder of Pommeron, Ron Mulders, says that he found inspiration in different sources: “When I was the managing director of a fresh produce auction in Venlo, I saw how big the distance between individual growers and their customers was: the customers didn’t know who was producing their fresh produce and likewise, the growers didn’t know who was buying them. As a result, fresh fruits and vegetables became commodities. By creating Pommeron, I aimed not only to shorten the agricultural supply chain but also to de-commoditize agricultural goods.”

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