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Innovation In Translation: How Big Ideas Really Happen

Title: “Innovation In Translation: How Big Ideas Really Happen”
Author: Dave Ferrera
Publisher: ForbesBooks
Language: English
Why read: To bring back the time-honored adage 1+1=3

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At the heart of Ferrera’s philosophy is the idea that innovation is a team sport where everyone must play their game with skill, inspiration and old-fashioned team spirit. Everyone’s position in the “playing field” of the company or project matters. I’m sure that sounds familiar, but in practice collaboration is quite often preached but not practiced. The author is a medtech entrepreneur. He has also included a handy roadmap in the book.

The Disruption Game Plan: New rules for connected thinking on innovation and risk

Title: “The Disruption Game Plan: New rules for connected thinking on innovation and risk”
Authors: Ruth Murray-Webster, Eleanor Winton
Publisher: Practical Inspiration Publishing
Language: English
Why read: A practical guide on how to face the risk of the unknown 

disruptive innovatie

“Disruption” is often associated with something negative in a business context. Companies’ response to opportunities and threats is often defensive. They are more willing to protect what they have than embrace the new. Often this is a strategy to protect margins rather than value. That in itself is understandable, but in the current era, full of emerging trends and risks, this opens the door wide for “disruption.” Two British authors have written an engaging book that focuses on action designed to help the reader “change the game” – hence the title.

Innovative Entrepreneurship in Action: From High-Tech to Digital Entrepreneurship

Title: “Innovative Entrepreneurship in Action: From High-Tech to Digital Entrepreneurship”
Author: Giuseppina Passiante (Editor)
Publisher: Springer Nature
Language: English (translated from the Italian)
Why read: An academic approach to innovative entrepreneurship.

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This book analyzes current approaches and policies in the field of innovative entrepreneurship. Edited by an Italian professor of innovative entrepreneurship and technology, the volume focuses primarily on the ways in which innovation-based firms can increase their competitiveness. In particular, the individual academic contributions outlined in the book argue that innovative entrepreneurship thrives primarily in sustainable ecosystems. This is a publication in the International Studies in Entrepreneurship series.

Innovation Management

Title: “Innovation Management”
Author: Jan van den Ende
Publisher: Red Globe Press
Language: English
Why read: An insightful book on innovation management from an authority in the field 

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An insightful book that takes a novice by the hand and then expertly guides them through the various facets of innovation management. This is how the latest book by Jan van den Ende, professor of management of technology and innovation at the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University), Netherlands, can be described. The book skillfully covers the various complex multidisciplinary topics that are part of modern innovation management such as strategy, executive management, technology, human resource management and finance. “Innovation Management” stands out from other introductions to innovation management not only because of its short title but also because of its refreshing approach.

Das Digital Transformer’s Dilemma: Wie Sie Ihr Kerngeschäft digitalisieren und gleichzeitig innovative Geschäftsmodelle aufbauen

Title: “Das Digital Transformer’s Dilemma: Wie Sie Ihr Kerngeschäft digitalisieren und gleichzeitig innovative Geschäftsmodelle aufbauen”
Authors: Karolin Frankenberger, Hannah Mayer et alia
Publisher: Wiley
Language: German (English title: ‘The Digital Transformer’s Dilemma: How to energize your core business while building disruptive products and services’)
Why read: For those who still think they can escape the digital revolution.

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Digital transformation is the integration of digital technologies into a business, radically changing the way a company operates and creates value for its customers. Frankenberger and Mayer of the University of Sankt Gallen (and two other authors) in Switzerland have written a handbook on how to strike the delicate balance between building a new (digital) company and revitalizing the old one.

The bottom line is that you need to transform twice: Established companies need to transform their traditional core business while developing new, disruptive (digital) business models. This applies to all companies, regardless of industry, geography or size. The authors don’t mince words. Just so you know!

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