Kinder: use your head and let your heart speak

Charity's impact on solving problems is difficult to measure. An innovative platform measures charities according to their effectiveness, so that a donor can make the best choice.

Books on innovation for 2022

Recently published books on innovation and technology include China, maverick CEOs versus unflappable venture investors, and the end of Silicon Valley.

Delft sensors watch over steel bridges

A sensor on steel bridges designed to detect fatigue cracks and monitor the progression of this damage. That's the headline-making feat of a Delft start-up in the Netherlands.

Rome takes the lead in sustainable air mobility

In the European capital with possibly the worst public transport on the roads and railroads, air transport is about to break through. The first 'taxidrone' was presented today in Rome.

An electric fleet is a silver fleet

Fleet operators were supposedly reluctant to switch to electric vehicles. But it turns out that there are no real objections. Consequently, the number of electric leased cars is rapidly increasing.

Precision agriculture: data comes before harvest

The mission of the Netherlands' most innovative agricultural entrepreneur is that his colleagues also switch to systematic precision agriculture. This is good for the consumer and the environment