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Single-use packaging has been very convenient and useful, but its negative impact on the environment has become unbearable. At least, that’s what the founders of Kleen hub think. When two of them moved in together during their studies, they were sitting on the couch thinking that it was a shame that there is so much plastic around us from the move. From there, they started brainstorming on ways that we could improve the situation, and came up with the idea of creating a return deposit system for cups for cafés and restaurants. 

One week later, National Geographic organized the competition ‘Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge’, and the three young entrepreneurs applied to take part. The first idea entailed cups and boxes made of bamboo. They made some pitch decks and even flew to Washington DC to present our idea. They didn’t win anything, but now, four years later, more than 200 restaurants and coffee shops are using Kleen hub-products.

Recently, Kleen hub expanded to Ibiza and implemented a new feature. Users can now return expired cups or bowls and get a refund. Kleen hub: “Our goal is to make sustainability accessible and easy for everyone, and we’re excited to offer this new feature to help reduce waste and promote reuse. You can return an expired packaging once every three months.”