Austrian scientist Alexander Krajete, who has previously devised systems for capturing nitrogen, for example, now claims to be able to deliver a clean combustion engine with his new absorption technology. This would purify almost all harmful exhaust gases as soon as the engine is started. The system contains a double filter that binds pollutants. These substances can then be used to produce fertiliser. Says Krayete GmbH in a press release.

The absorption technology, which has been widely tested by several major European car manufacturers, was developed over many years by the Austrian company Krajete GmbH. The technology now makes it possible to remove hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide and fine dust particles. As a result, a solution for the harmful exhaust gases from an internal combustion engine is now very close at hand. Thanks to a special, advanced adsorption technology, purification can take place immediately after the engine is started. The technology is offered in an easy-to-install double cartridge that can also be adapted to industrial and domestic combustion systems.

Bridge builder between nature and technology

The research company specialises in converting natural processes into technological knowledge. The company is considered an innovative bridge builder between nature and technology by European industrial partners. For instance, several major car manufacturers have been cooperating with Krajete GmbH for years on the purification of car exhaust gases. As part of this cooperation, the company has optimised adsorption technologies that bind pollutants. Initially, the focus was on reducing harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) compounds. Through successful pilot projects in various European cities, interest in the technology grew rapidly. In line with this interest, the natural raw material zeolite, which is used as the basis for the absorption, was chemically and physically improved by Krajete GmbH.

“After all, our nature already has the solution to many of our problems,” says Dr. Alexander Krajete, founder and CEO of Krajete GmbH. “We just have to learn to recognise and apply them. As far as using zeolite to purify exhaust gases is concerned, we have succeeded in doing so.” The company has managed to modify the natural material and supplement it with other materials in such a way that its adsorbents can also remove hydrocarbons, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and fine dust particles from exhaust gases. In contrast to conventional catalytic converters, this can be done without the necessary warm-up period, i.e. immediately after the combustion engine has started in a cold state. It is precisely during this period – in the first two minutes after starting – that over 40% of the emissions of these pollutants occur, which cannot be captured by the still cold catalytic converter. Dr Krajete explains: “The addition of our Advanced Adsorption technology to a motor vehicle thus makes it possible to capture 100% of all harmful emissions of the pollutants mentioned. Clean air for nature, thanks to nature”.

Upcycling of pollutants

The Advanced Adsorption Technology of Krajete GmbH is offered in a double filter system, whereby one filter each binds two types of pollutants. In the process, the substances to be removed are not burned as in the catalytic converter, but reversibly bound. They can be thermally dissolved and used as raw materials for other purposes. “Nitrogen oxides are of particular interest here,” Dr Krajete knows. “The nitrogenous emissions can easily be converted into fertiliser and used for agricultural purposes.” Krajete GmbH has even developed a suitable concept for the Dutch agricultural industry, which is currently being marketed.

Advanced Adsorption technology can also be used for domestic heating and for ship engines, which are notorious for high emissions, and can significantly reduce pollutant emissions. The versatility also reflects Krajete GmbH’s reputation as a flexible innovation pioneer in the field of gas purification and biological methanation. “We are partners with nature and pick up nature-based research results faster than large-scale industry,” explains Dr. Krajete. “This allows us to be bridge builders between chemical, physical and biochemical process control. That’s because we find more original and innovative solutions ‘On Behalf of Nature’ than is possible in the tightly separated research and development departments of traditional companies.”

The Austrian company innovates and develops nature-inspired solutions for gas purification and high-performance gas fermentation. It has previously come up with a fermentation system that allows households to produce their own gas. In addition, a smart gas purification system developed by Krajete GmBH was put into operation in the Netherlands last year. This allows industrial residual gases to be stored and subsequently used to produce fertilisers.

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