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Italian start-up, Easyrain, has secured a €5.8 million capital increase to launch the Digital Aquaplaning Information (DAI) software, aiming to enhance autonomous driving safety. Easyrain’s mission to develop innovative safety systems is embodied in their Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution (AIS), the world’s first safety system that mitigates the risk of wet roads. 

  • Italian start-up Easyrain secures €5.8 million to launch DAI software which enhances autonomous driving safety by introducing innovative features for challenging road conditions.
  • Easyrain’s Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution (AIS), is the world’s first safety system that eliminates aquaplaning on wet roads.
  • With increased funding, the company aims to expand its impactful safety technologies, making roads safer, particularly in wet conditions, as they pursue ambitious goals in the automotive industry.

Aquaplaning intelligent solution: a game-changer in road safety

The Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution (AIS), another innovative technology from Easyrain, is the first and only active safety system that eliminates the risk of wet roads. The AIS safety system is designed to combat the dangerous phenomenon of aquaplaning. Aquaplaning, also known as hydroplaning, occurs when a layer of water builds up between the tyres of a vehicle and the surface of the road, resulting in the loss of traction and control. The AIS system tackles this by spraying water in front of the vehicle’s front tyres, effectively removing excess water from the road and restoring vital contact between the tyres and the ground.

This system, which has already been integrated into the electric vehicles of a major automotive group, is gaining traction in the industry. Moreover, other car manufacturers are showing interest in the AIS system, which is expected to reach the production-ready stage by the autumn of 2024.

Unlocking autonomous driving safety

The new DAI software solution designed by the company is scheduled for production in late 2025. The software aims to improve autonomous driving safety by introducing new functionalities that enhance effectiveness in low-grip conditions. This initiative aligns with Easyrain’s mission to create innovative safety systems that save lives, particularly in challenging driving conditions.

CEO Giovanni Blandina’s vision for the company is clear. “There is still a long way to go, but the increasing activities with different carmakers indicate that we are on the right track. We are now poised to achieve our ambitious goals, including expanding our team and making our technologies available in the market,” he said.

Future prospects

With the additional funding, the company is perfectly positioned to continue creating and refining technologies that can save lives. As they press ahead with their 2023-2030 industrial plan, the future looks bright for this Italian startup, whose mission to make roads safer, especially in wet conditions, is making a significant impact.