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Vienna-based GoStudent has secured €86.7 million in a strategic round of funding, set to boost its hybrid education vision. The company’s goal is to blend cutting-edge technology with personalized tuition. The company’s innovative plans include an AI lesson planner and AI-fuelled content-based learning. 

  • Vienna’s GoStudent secures €86.7 million to advance its hybrid education vision, blending technology with personalized teaching.
  • AI integration plans include an AI lesson planner and content-based learning, enhancing engagement and tailoring the learning experience.
  • The company’s hybrid approach combines online and offline support, expanding its model in the DACH region for adaptable and successful learning.

fusion of tech and tradition

GoStudent has a mission to revolutionize the way we perceive learning. The company blends traditional, human-led teaching with cutting-edge technology to create a hybrid learning experience. The capital raised is set to expedite the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into GoStudent’s education platform. The company intends to leverage AI’s potential to enhance its services and empower its tutors, creating a more dynamic and personalized learning experience. An AI lesson plan generator and AI-driven content-based learning are among the planned innovations. By harnessing AI, the company aims to provide a more engaging and effective learning environment, finely tuned to the individual needs of each student.

Expanding hybrid learning solutions

The company’s hybrid model combines online and offline educational support. This hybrid approach to learning is innovative and highly adaptable to the changing demands of the education landscape. As part of its expansion plans, the company aims to bring its solutions to the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). 

“For us, hybrid is about ensuring long-term learning success that suits the needs of the individual. This raise ensures we seize this opportunity and signals confidence that we are driving the future of education,” says CEO and co-founder Felix Ohswald.

AI is transforming education

Several e-learning platforms and educational institutions are investing heavily in integrating AI into their education system. There are several ways AI can impact learning.

Accessible to all: A.I. can assist in making education more accessible to students who have learning difficulties or disabilities. For instance, A.I. could offer real-time transcription and subject adaption to aid deaf or non-native speakers.

Reduction of the cognitive load: Reducing students’ cognitive burden can help them focus on what counts, gain immediate access to the most relevant knowledge, and learn more quickly.

Make learning personalized: Some students learn at a different pace than others. A.I. tools can develop a personalized learning experience and analyze data about each student’s learning style, pace, and preferences.

Virtual learning environment: Students can use VR technology to connect directly to their mobile devices and interact with information. With interactive virtual simulations, it may also help learners with interpersonal coaching, life skills, and self-development.