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Eindhoven-based online education platform GoodHabitz will integrate ChatGPT into its offerings for students. “By using this advanced integration, we continue to deliver on our promise to provide the most impactful learning content for our students,” said CEO Maarten Franken. “At the same time, we are taking our students’ user experience to the next level by driving engagement and interactivity using generative AI.”

GoodHabitz is introducing three ChatGPT-powered features, allowing students to interact with their personal learning assistant. These include an AI training expert designed to enrich training content and enhance the learning journey. Also added is a quiz showing which areas students can further broaden their knowledge on a particular topic.

As a third addition, a simulated role-playing game enhances communication in the Advisory Selling training through interaction and a flexible approach with different personality types. Students interact with a ChatGPT-powered bot, which represents a different type each time.

Changing learning preferences

According to GoodHabitz, the integration of ChatGPT offers several benefits for employees and companies looking to adapt to the changing landscape. “By leveraging AI features, organizations can improve learning outcomes, improve knowledge retention and transfer, reduce training time and resources, and promote continuous learning and development.”

According to Maarten Franken, it is important to follow the changing learning preferences of potential customers: “Soft skills prevail, with a focus on themes such as authenticity and out-of-the-box thinking. These new ChatGPT-powered features offer a new level of learning not previously possible. We believe innovation and technology are key to the future of learning.”