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Integer Technologies has developed a groundbreaking hardware and software platform that supports installers in building and monitoring sustainable energy installations, making them faster, more cost-effective, and simpler to implement. The platform is tailored for combined heating, cooling, ventilation, and electrical installations in residential and office buildings. Integer Technologies addresses a relevant issue: the increasing complexity of energy installations in buildings.

Why you should read this

We like to track the developments of former Gerard & Anton Award winners. Integer Technologies is one of the younger G&A winners, and it’s encouraging to see that even they have gotten on the radar of investors.

These were all reasons to award Integer Technologies a Gerard & Anton Award in last year’s ceremony. Now, the start-up received a pre-seed investment (up to €75,000,-) from Graduate Entrepreneur. Their consideration: “Integer is well-positioned to become a major player in the field, anticipating upcoming EU regulations while also satisfying the current needs of industry clients.”

Optimizing and monitoring

According to the new investors, Integer Technologies is progressing toward establishing a fully independent system for optimizing, monitoring, and maintaining all energy installations through Model Predictive Control. “They distinguish themselves from competitors by adopting a system-wide approach to energy installations. This allows them to decentralize all relevant components onto their platform, enabling smart control across the entire installation rather than operating individual systems independently.”

Integer also makes fast implementation possible for different parties. Currently, if an installation company wants to develop smart software for an energy installation, it will do it manually. This tedious task can take up to three weeks, requiring a first version of the control software to be developed and later adjusted based on system data (as per customer interviews). “With the Integer platform, the setup and parameterization of the installation are automated, based on high-level inputs from the installer.”

Within this market with many stakeholders, Integer has already demonstrated significant connections and traction with established major installers, such as Heijmans Energie, and smaller installers. “In addition to the founders’ technical expertise, they have proven to be a cohesive and capable team, having previously collaborated at Team CASA at TU Eindhoven. They are well-positioned for success with a solid team foundation and relevant experience. We are excited to join Integer Technologies on its journey as this start-up leads the change towards sustainable energy installations.”

Graduate Entrepreneur invests in earliest-stage start-ups with a connection to Delft and Rotterdam universities. Since April 2021, GE has raised €58M and made over 45 investments.