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Philips Lighting is illuminating the facades of 37 buildings along a 9.2 km stretch of road in the city center of Ningbo, China. The mega-project is aimed at boosting the city’s cultural heritage and tourism, as well as stimulating commercial activities in the city center.

Buildings along the 9.2-kilometer-long Zhongshan Road are a magnet for tourism. The new lighting system, designed by Toryo International Lighting Design Center and Huazhang Lighting Design, uses nearly 2,000 Philips Color Kinetics fixtures controlled and managed by Philips ActiveSite software. “The lighting accentuates the architectural features of the buildings while creating sparkling night scenes in the city’s business district and Ningbo’s main square Tianyi Square”, a Philips spokesperson says.

“The lighting design of the Zhongshan Road project illuminated took advantage of a powerful mix of color architectural lighting and world-class narrow projection”, said Dongliang Xu from Toryo International Lighting Design Center. “Philips Lighting brought our design concept to life, delivering high-performance energy-efficient lighting and control software which enable everything to be monitored and controlled remotely. The design, the technology, and controls combine to not only raise the bar of city illumination in China but does this in a highly sustainable way.”

The Philips ActiveSite lighting management system makes the lighting run flawlessly with dashboards for real-time monitoring, control, and management of individual light fixtures. It also enables energy savings of 30-40% to be realized compared to the previous lighting used.