Philips Headquarter Amsterdam (image: Philips)
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A fifth of the Dutch applications for European patents come from Philips, the new European Patent Office’s (EPO) company ranking shows. Last year alone, the health technology company filed 1,299 patent applications, positioning ninth worldwide in the overall ranking and second in the medical technology domain.

At the forefront of health innovation

Building on more than 130 years of innovation, Philips’ global R&D programs and partnerships position it at the forefront of health technology innovation. By 2023, Philips’ innovations will have improved the health and well-being of 1,9 billion people.

With 607 MedTech patent applications in 2023, Philips is the second-largest applicant in the EPO’s 2023 medical technology patent index. In 2023, the company invested approximately EUR 1.7 billion in research and development to enable better care for more people. The company’s intellectual property portfolio includes 53,000 patent rights, 31,500 trademarks, 135,000 design rights, and 3,300 domain names.

Recent innovations and new collaborations

In February, the health technology company already presented several key innovations, including the Azurion Biplane (to accelerate and improve the minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment of neurovascular patients), and the CT 5300 (an AI-based CT scanner to give more patients a reliable diagnosis at low cost).

In addition, Philips partnered with Amazon Web Services to jointly enable scalable digital pathology in the cloud (improving diagnostic capabilities and increasing productivity). And achieved a nice milestone by installing more than 1,000 helium-free MRI systems.