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NXP and Momenta, a pioneer in software solutions for autonomous driving, will start a collaboration on automotive-grade Driver Monitoring Solutions (DMS). These solutions help to monitor driver attentiveness and play important roles in increasing safety on the road. The joint effort between NXP and Momenta aims to enable car makers to deploy DMS applications into mass automotive production.

Driver Monitoring Systems are one of the interrelated parts of advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) and are essential for Level 3 and higher autonomous driving systems. The systems use deep learning algorithms to visually monitor and detect a driver’s lack of attention to the road and can offer pre-collision warnings. Some forecasts predict a market of more than one billion dollars by 2026.

The first solution from the NXP and Momenta collaboration will combine the high performance, power-efficient architecture of NXP’s Open Vision Platform (S32V2) with Momenta’s deep learning software and expertise. The solution aims to optimize, compress and accelerate deep neural networks so that they can run efficiently on an automotive-grade DMS embedded platform.

“DMS is essential to autonomous driving systems,” said Momenta CEO Xudong Cao. “NXP has decades of expertise in the functional safety systems required to tackle autonomous driving. Utilizing the hardware architecture of the NXP platform, our deep-learning software algorithms can be deployed quickly and run efficiently on a low-power-consumption and automotive grade chip.”