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Gelderland is on edge. The province, which has annual revenues of €3 billion thanks to its chip industry, fears the departure of crucial tech companies. The chip sector in this province is demanding hundreds of millions to retain and strengthen the industry. Project Chopin’s initiative should improve the business climate and attract talent from home and abroad. The region thus follows the example of Eindhoven (project Beethoven), in which billions are invested.

Why this is important:

Gelderland is fighting for the future of the chip industry with the ambitious Chopin project. With annual revenues of €3 billion and the risk of crucial company relocations, the province wants to see money to further develop the sector.

In the shadow of the high-tech region of Eindhoven, a province away a new stage of technological innovation and activity is emerging. Gelderland, known for its picturesque landscapes and historic cities, is home to some of the leading chip companies in the Netherlands.

Not surprisingly, the regional government, in cooperation with The Economic Board Arnhem-Nijmegen, is strongly lobbying for financial support. The concern is clear: substantial investment is necessary for the area to grow with the increasing global demand for chips and semiconductors. Moreover, more investment must be needed to avoid a brain drain, with talent leaving for better-facilitated regions.

The importance of the chip industry in Gelderland

The chip industry in Gelderland is not just an economic driver, it’s a success story. Chip companies such as Besi in Duiven and Nexperia in Nijmegen, as well as the manufacturing activities of NXP, have already made substantial contributions to the region’s turnover and employment. With an annual turnover of 3 billion euros, it is evident that the sector is not just crucial, but thriving, in the local and national economy.

The call for investment is a response to the previously announced billion-dollar injection into the Eindhoven region. Gelderland wants to stay caught up and pleads for proportional treatment. This is not just about money but about the future of an industry that is essential to the Netherlands’ innovation power.

Project Chopin: more than just money

Project Chopin is comprehensive. It is not only about protecting existing companies but also about attracting new talent and stimulating innovation. The proposed hundreds of millions of euros will be invested in housing, business parks, accessibility, and education, among other things. These investments are intended to boost the region’s infrastructure and living environment, making it a more attractive place for national and international talent.

Jan van Dellen, director of The Economic Board, tells BNR it is about more than bringing in money. It is a vision of the future in which the regional ecosystem of education, business, and government work together to strengthen the chip industry sustainably. With this, Gelderland wants to signal that the province is serious about its role in the high-tech sector and willing to invest in its future.

A call to action

Gelderland’s plea is clear: the chip sector must be heard. The region’s potential is great, but it can be exploited with the necessary investment. The Chopin project is a call to action, a signal that Gelderland is ready to take a leading role in future technology.