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About Really a Robot

  • Founders: Jevgenijs Galaktionovs , Hugo Markoff, Andreas Hoffmann
  • Founded in: 2020
  • Employees: 5
  • Money raised: €118,000 through a government subsidy and an innovation subsidy for newcomers
  • Ultimate goal: Leaving behind a positive footprint for the world with the help of technology

Danish start-up Really a Robot is ambitious and primed to take over the robotics world. Its first product #NoFever helps companies monitor sick staff. Jevgenijs Galaktionovs talks to us about it. 

What is Really a Robot?

“An innovative start-up that aims to push the boundaries of robotics through the use of automation and artificial intelligence. We hope that we can help people, animals and the environment with our robots. We do this by creating our own solutions within robotics. We utilize AI, IoT and computer vision. To help to deal with COVID-19, we created #NoFever, a smart robot that measures the temperature of visitors as they enter a building, detects if they are wearing a face mask, and can scan COVID-19 digital certificates (CoronaCheck). “

How did the idea for #NoFever come about?

“The co-founder’s girlfriend didn’t feel comfortable walking through the shopping center. People were coughing all over the place while there was a pandemic going on. We are robotic engineers and wanted to find a solution to reduce the spread of the virus in the air. The solutions in our field are endless, with the right timing and funding, you can achieve so much. That’s what we want to show with our company. The idea for #NoFever stemmed from corona, but can also be used for other diseases, given that fever is the most common symptom of transmissible viruses.”

How far along are you with the production of #NoFever?

“Right now, we already have six robots assembled. Ten are waiting to be finished. We are now in the process of selling our product. There are two versions: the first can be mounted on the wall. The other stands and adjusts itself to the height of the person standing in front of it. People in wheelchairs or children can therefore also be scanned. The wall-mounted #NoFever costs around two and a half thousand euros, the standing one around four thousand euros.”

What does the future of Really a Robot look like?

“We have got very ambitious plans! Our first step is to dominate the local market. We want to become the local experts in robotics. In the first place, to bring down sick leave rates in Denmark with #NoFever, and then throughout Europe. Another aspiration is to create a local robotics hub that we can use to attract young talent, so that they can develop their craziest ideas and skills with our support. Surely the main goal is to be a positive example for other robotics companies and in this way work towards a more sustainable future.”