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Brainport Development, RAI Automotive Industry NL, and Oost NL joined forces to create the Battery Competence Cluster-NL. This partnership aims to further shape a national approach towards battery technology by developing a strong Dutch battery ecosystem that brings together industry, knowledge institutions, and trade associations, as well as creating market opportunities. The Netherlands wants to play an essential role in global battery markets by investing in new circular battery technology and becoming independent from critical materials. Stakeholders have communicated the decisions in a press release.

Theo Föllings, Director of Business Development at Oost NL, commented on the initiative: “From Oost NL, we are tackling the topic ‘Battery systems for grid stabilization’. The East Netherlands has a strong cluster of companies in this field. Our commitment is to develop this nationally. Therefore, behind us are also the other eight regional development companies ready to contribute to the development of this ecosystem.”

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Paul van Nunen, the director of Brainport Development, further elaborated: “The Netherlands has great potential to realize earning power by developing better and more sustainable batteries. The cooperation within the Battery Competence Cluster – NL combines the capacity to cash in on this earning potential with more clout and commitment.”

Albie van Buel, director of RAI Automotive Industry NL, expressed his happiness with the partnership: “RAI Automotive Industry NL also enters into the partnership on behalf of the national industry association “RAI Vereniging” to support the economic development of the Netherlands, and we work on global challenges around energy and mobility.”

Funding from Government and Province

Additional capacity expansions are made possible in part by funding from the Province of North Brabant, the Province of Overijssel, and the State. The partnership is working with many other parties (such as TNO, universities and HBOs, and dozens of companies) on a proposal that will be submitted to the National Growth Fund (NGF) Committee by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in February. With a contribution from NGF, the sector can invest in further development of new, circular battery technology and take a knowledge position in the European critical materials chain. The main goal is to create earning power by becoming more independent from critical materials.

Ambitious Goals

By working together, multiple innovation projects can be launched over the years. With their ambitious goals for the Battery Competence Cluster-NL, Brainport Development, RAI Automotive Industry NL and Oost NL hope to make a real impact on the future of battery technology in the Netherlands.