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Every summer, when I return from holiday, I resolve: I’m going to read more, go outside more, relax more. But when I am lying on the sofa reading, ‘normal’ life soon knocks on the door (I still have to pay that traffic fine, buy a flower for a friend with a new job, get groceries – you know the drill). Relaxation takes work to come to me.

I would be happy to use technology that can help me with that. For instance, Gerard & Anton Award winner Alphabeats has built an app that allows you to train your brain via music to control alpha brainwaves. Alpha brainwaves can be compared to a meditative state. Sounds like music to my ears. Colleague Bart wrote this article about it. And here you can find an overview of the other ten start-ups that took one of the coveted (flat!) awards to their offices last week.

Alphabeats was also part of our intern Shwet’s article about tech solutions – smartwatches, a forest walk with VR – that can help us live healthier lives. Sounds good, but the situation Albert Jan outlines in his cartoon is also contentious. Sleeping better, exercising smarter, relaxing more easily: how bad will it be if we can’t do this without technology in 15 years?

Here’s what else caught our eye this week:

And here you can find the rest of the articles we wrote last week. Have a nice week!