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Behind the scenes, we at Innovation Origins have been busy with our brand for a while now. What could be better, what do we want to keep as it is, and what new things do we want to tackle? We are thinking about that ourselves, but we are also very curious about what our readers think. That is why we have put together a survey that will take no more than fifteen minutes of your time. You can find it here.

Fortunately, all that thinking and the countless brainstorms are now taking increasingly physical forms. Since last week, you can find new categories on our website, on Friday, Merien ten Houten launched the first Laio podcast, and the editorial team is working on several new series.

Our new series, ‘Innovation Maestro’s’ by Elcke Vels, is already making waves. In this series, she interviews Dutch scientists, entrepreneurs, and inventors whose innovations are turning the tech world upside down. The first episode features Bram Nauta and his Nauta circuit, a groundbreaking invention that revolutionized the world of wireless communication. Even the scientist himself was taken aback. ‘Dumbfounded I was, when I heard that my invention is massively in phones,’ he says. This is just the beginning of the inspiring stories we have in store for you.

Here’s what else caught or eye last week:

You can read the rest of the articles here. Have a nice week!

Aafke Eppinga
editor-in-chief Innovation Origins

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