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Philips spinoff Intrinsic-ID has been nominated to win the Innovation Radar Prize 2016. Intrinsic-ID’s technology uses biometrics to help computerchips recognize and ‘acknowledge’ other chips around the world. “Just like a human being, a chip possesses unique biometric qualities. We teach them to judge whether or not it’s safe to communicate with other chips”, founder Pim Tuyls says.

intrinsic-IDThe European Commission is handing out the innovation radar prize to promote innovation in Europe. For the 2016 edition, 40 organisations have been nominated across 4 categories. But only four of them – the ones who earn most votes during a period of public online voting – get a ticket to the finals.

The 4 innovators with the highest number of votes in each category will be invited to Bratislava on September 26. Intrinsic-ID, a Philips spin-off on the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, has been selected in the category ‘excellent science’ based on ground-breaking work on ‘physical unclonable functions’ or PUFs and how these can be applied to improve security for systems ranging from payment cards to cars and mobile phones.

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