Dens - Dutch Energy Solutions: Dens X1 power generator on formic acid - with electric mini shovel
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Emission-free hydrozine, the liquid hydrogen carrier consisting mainly of formic acid, is supposed to eventually be able to replace diesel as a fuel for power generators. DENS, the Helmond based developer of power generators on hydrozine, and Hamer, the market leader in fuel installations in the Benelux, are entering into a partnership for this purpose. Hamer has also decided to invest in DENS. The amount involved was not disclosed. The cooperation should become visible in the production, maintenance, and service of the DENS Hydrozine generator.

In this way, DENS and Hamer want to accelerate the roll-out of the emission-free hydrozine gasoline generators, “in order to boost the energy transition”. Whereas diesel is currently still the leading fuel for power generators, a shift towards cleaner solutions is to be expected in the coming years. Due to climate targets, there is an increasing need for emission-free alternatives. DENS offers a solution to this. Hydrogen is ‘captured’ in hydrozine in a safe and non-flammable way. In the aggregate, hydrogen is generated from the hydrozine and converted directly into clean electrical energy in a fuel cell. “Through this smart and safe way of storing and transporting hydrogen, we remove the thresholds of pressurized hydrogen and offer user-friendliness equal to that of a conventional aggregate,” says Tijn Swinkels, CTO of DENS.

Family business Hamer has already become involved in the development of the technology in 2016, back then as a sponsor of the student team, team FAST, from which DENS descends.

Dens – Dutch Energy Solutions: Dens X1 power generator on formic acid © Bart van Overbeeke