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This week, Rotterdam transforms into the epicenter of the global hydrogen sector with the fifth edition of the World Hydrogen Summit. The event, co-sponsored by the Dutch government and local authorities, attracts 15,000 policymakers and CEOs from 40 countries. Special attention is paid to the role of hydrogen in future energy supply and the need to reduce CO2 emissions. The winners of the World Hydrogen 2024 Awards were also announced.

Why this is important:

Hydrogen not only serves as an alternative to natural gas in heat generation for the process industry, but it is also increasingly used as a building block in sustainable chemical processes. In addition, hydrogen is growing in importance as an energy carrier in aviation and shipping, for heavy road transport, and as a source of heating in both households and greenhouses.

Dutch contribution

Rob Jetten, outgoing minister for Climate and Energy, was today awarded the Golden Hydrogen Medal at the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam. He received the award from the hydrogen coalition Mission H2 for his important role and positive impact on hydrogen development in the Netherlands.

Dutch companies play a prominent role at the summit. With its advanced infrastructure and participation in key ports such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Delfzijl, the Netherlands is a key player in the import and export of hydrogen. This commitment is crucial to meet the set targets for 2050, using only renewable energy sources.

GroenvermogenNL talks about the H2Hollandia project. The consortium is building an installation to produce green hydrogen at a large solar park in the province of Drenthe. They use electricity that cannot be supplied to the electricity grid.

Visitors can also join a tour to the port of Rotterdam. There they will see, among other things, the construction of the Hydrogen Conversion Park. On the Maasvlakte, an area of 24 hectares will be used for the conversion park. There, green power from offshore wind farms will be converted into green hydrogen via electrolysis. The goal is to eventually supply 100 to 180 thousand tonnes of green hydrogen annually to industry and/or the transport sector.

Contributions from abroad

German companies from North Rhine-Westphalia, such as 2G Energy AG and Condensator Dominit GmbH, are also showcasing their latest hydrogen solutions and highlighting the importance of regional cooperation within Europe. The Africa Hydrogen Forum highlights the huge opportunities around a hydrogen economy in Africa.

Winners 2024

The winners of the World Hydrogen 2024 Awards were also announced:

  • The Clean Hydrogen Project Award goes to Hydrogen Holland I: Europe’s largest renewable hydrogen plant, once operational in 2025.
  • The Hydrogen Industrial Application Award goes to the Gigawatt Electrolyser Factory: one of the world’s first gigawatt-scale electrolyzer plants to implement modern robots and digitalisation for highly automated production.
  • The Future Hydrogen Leader Award goes to Filipe de Vasconcelos Fernandes, founder of H2Tax: the first think tank dedicated to green hydrogen in Portugal.
  • The Port of the Future Award goes to Port Corpus Christi: the largest port in the United States in terms of total tonnage revenue.
  • The Hydrogen Transport Award goes to The Green Pioneer by Fortescue: an ammonia dual-propulsion vessel
  • The Hydrogen Person of the Year Award goes to Eng Nawal Alhanaee, director of the Future Energy Department, Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure UAE (Dubai)